Wednesday, July 29, 2009

day 4 Answer kwamian

I can recall a time someone was using a dishonest method during a test when I put tremendous time and effort in to studying .the teacher was offering a reward for the top five passing students. I study day and night but I still found myself getting frustrated this agitated me. When it came time to take the test I felt very confident in myself, I was sure to pass under any circumstance. When you in a class you may have those can take a test and pass just reading and reviewing their test once. Then you have those who can take a test and pass after reviewing more than once. Then you have those who can’t comprehend very whale and this causes them to cheat. Whale as tired as it sounds its true. I saw at least more than three students who took their notes being very quitly and alert. They were very good at it yes cheating. After the results were published and graded I just knew I had passed the test. As soon as I got that test I almost cried and I almost tore the paper. Because there I was having the confidence bold and strong. Then they drop quickly as a being bonging jumping. I felt a lack of confidence, sad, burden and defiantly disappointed. When I saw the passing grade of someone who hadn’t study putting the work effort in as I had done I knew that there was no way they could have passed. But they did only using the method of great deception which is cheating. I didn’t expose them because they needed it bad, it seem in order for them to cheat. Yes I was discourage but after while I got over it so.but the one who gotten the high score will have a hard time passing in life if they used this method to get by in life.

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  1. Yeah man I know what you mean. When I played football i had to compete against people who would use creatine(a legal form of steroids) and it was tough because I was playing all natural, but at the same time it made me better because I had to compete against people who used substances to increase their skill well beyond their years.