Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 7 answer to Ashley E question kevin scott

When I was younger, around 6 yrs of age I have been with my family, playing, going to the movies, enjoying each others time, just doing what normal families do with each other. When i was 6 that's when i started listening to hip-hop. I grew up listening to rappers like: Nas, Cash money, DA brat and Eve. I never rapped in my life because I've always been singing in a choir at my church for 16 years of my life. listening to hip-hop as a teenager took a big effect on me. I was listening to what everybody else thought was cool. Every rapper that came on the radio was talking about the same thing: Drugs, Money, Cars, and Sex. At 20 i thought to myself why am i listening to this? The only reason i started to want to write music now at 20 is because i'm tired of listening to the same stuff over and over. This is a hobby that has taking me away from my family, for the good because now i can focus on me and thing since day one and that is music.

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