Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I like japans cartoons an I have some friend who like it and some that don’t but I love them but when ever I go to the movie to see them most of the time I end up going alone its cool I guess but it kina hard when u wane talk about them an no one wane heir it but I still find some one to lessen an a lot of time I watch shows that the friends that do watch them have never even herd of like this show called s cty ed its a rely good show grate story line grate fight seines even head nice review but a lot of people never herd of it I like watching the under ground shows be 4 they get big like a show called elfin lead that is a show that I’m sure a lot of my friends wouldn’t watch be cues it a grim show but an a lot of shows I watch are they have the best stories some times some of my friends think I can be a nerd but hey it just me being me

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