Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 7 Amanda's response

I consider myself a very helpful person, no matter who it is I try my best to give the best advice I have to offer to enable people to being successful. A very close friend of mine always doubted her instincts to exceeding beyond high school. Her name was Susana; we knew each other for quite some time throughout grammar and high school. I wasn’t until orientation for junior year, that I was informed she’d be in my division until graduation. Our schedules were very similar such as English, advanced algebra with trig and French. Since we knew many of the things we were learning was the exact same, we began to share thoughts and homework responses to each other. However it all changed, Susana and I had a trend to slack off at certain points throughout the year and relied on the other for the answers to our assignments. I stopped copying off of Susana’s work and preceded the assignments the way I thought would be the best way to complete it. During advisor, we would talk about how our day went and then the topic of homework came into tact, Susana stopped doing her homework for the classes we had and I couldn’t believe she was giving up. Instead of letting her figure out the things for herself by getting a failing grade and trying to improve upon her mistakes I made the mistake to let her copy off all my homework. The routine had not changed, she kept copying my work and I felt a sense of guilt every time I let her. Besides having a friend use me to her advantage to pass her classes I was struggling with issues I had with my other classes and it escalated to the point where I wasn’t doing my work. After some time, I stopped giving her work to copy and then focused on my scholastics that I needed improvement on. I realize that there’s so much a person can do to help a friend and it’s up to that person to take initiative to do things for themselves.

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