Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Walter Day 7: answer to Ashley's question

            Graffiti has always been a big part of my life next to photography. As a young kid growing up with people who spend there time destroying the city painting every wall, trains, tagging on billboards. Has build me up to a an artistic individual, knowing that painting on private property is against the law made a vandal ready to paint anything in my way. Ever since a youngster I have been fascinated by the color the style the paint creating something that I have never experience. Till this day it has the same impact as when I was a young kid, I have spend some days were all I do is walk around painting walls on scrapping on metal leaving only my name, letting the city know who I am and to show that I am here to cover the city in paint.

            This passion has drawn me away from my family. My parents know I do it and that I enjoy every moment of it. They know it’s a passion for me and that it means a lot as well. But for them knowing this has pushed me away from my family in that sense. They believe it’s a waste of time, that all I am doing is destroying my life doing non-sense. They fight and yell at me they tend to lock me in the house not letting me out, but for what if they know I am still going to be painting. It’s an addiction I tell them it’s a passion. I have spend some nights climbing water tower’s, running from cops, for what they tell me it’s the rush it’s the love its is what I do.  It has  been something that has taking me from society and the world it’s the illegal art that has brought me to be who I am.

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