Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Slacking off. Nelson

Three struggles that I have, pertaining to Columbia college of Chicago would be my acceptance of the loans, being able to be dedicated to doing my work outside of school, and trying to keep my job and school time divided.

            The acceptance of my loan is one of my main worries, since I was denied a plus loan.  My parents have awful credit, so it is hard for me to get money for school.  I feel that if you have no credit it should be looked at as good credit towards school loans because how is a person that enters college around eighteen able to establish credit, if no one gives them a chance. Also, you barely receive eligibility to get credit at eighteen and your supposed to have good credit in a matter of a few months, which is next to impossible. 

            My next worry is towards me being dedicated to doing my work when I am not in school.  I have always had trouble getting my homework done since I am very easily distracted.  My house is always busy and everybody there is usually very interactive with each other making it harder to concentrate.  The reason why I did not do so well in Morton West high school was that when it came to doing homework, I would constantly slack off. 

            My last worry is being able to divide my time between my job and school.  Now I know work comes after school, but I still need to work.  I need the money and no one is going to help me if I do not make money.  Although in the end, my school is the main priority and anything that gets in the way has to get eliminated immediately.  

            My main weakness in school is my determination to do the work after class is over.  I tend to slack off after school and not think about the consequences until class starts up again and I have no work to give.

            My strengths in school are my good test taking skills.  I have always been able to do good on tests, that was probably the main reason how I passed high school when I was younger.  I would slack the whole semester, and then when the final came I would just study and ace it.


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