Tuesday, August 11, 2009

day answer by kwamain to arons post

Three areas that I struggle in are my study habits, procrastinating and being caution. They all relate which results in to time and much discipline. This is something that can become a problem for me into the fall semester in Columbia College. As soon as I get home or away from the school building I take a deep a breathe and relax. The relaxation that I feel gets me comfortable and a state of mind of rest which makes me fall asleep. Easily makes me lazy then next thing you know I’m distracted by what catches my mind and eye. The second I reach home It’s like comfort and recovery from the effort I put into my day.The second thing I’m curious about is how and when I’m going to meet my lifetime friends. It’s a saying that says your high school friends are not the friends you are going to grow with but the ones you meet in college is the ones you are going to be destined with. So I think about the day when I will run into them. How is going to be when we figure that we are a capatible mate when is the day and time we are going to meet. What will they or he think about me will we be an unbreakable force what will be the interest we will have. Every day I’m on the lookout but I do try to be patient.the third thing I have questions about is will it take me more time on my papers and class assignments to complete. It takes me to study or sit in quietness in order to focus but when given an assignment or being taught a lesson while being rushes I get disappointed and idmmdietly feel intimidated a defeated. When I don’t get the work the feeling is kind of like I just sinked in a pool or deep ocean.In spite of all that I recently mentioned I feel those very things will be the very thing that will help me on way t success. It will prepare me, motivate me and defiantly be a contribution towards my graduation.

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