Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 14: Aaron's Prompt.

Ok, today's prompt is pretty simple, but we still want you to pay as much attention to detail and specifics as you possibly can. This is important, as it will prepare you for this afternoon's Orientation panel while also helping Katrina and I prepare to offer you further follow-up advice and assistance tomorrow morning. Sound good? Ok.

First, we would like for you to list 3 struggles and or anxieties you have about entering this fall semester, completing the work that will be assigned you, etc. What do you feel like your areas of weakness are? Are you worried about your commute? Computer and/or Internet access? Housing issues, etc? Are you worried about math classes? Writing, etc? Are you worried about fitting in and/or finding like-minded friends to spend your down time with? Number your three struggles as you write and identify each struggle separately in each of your first sentences. You should then explain how and why you feel this struggle has come to mind. Explain your anxieties fully, as always.

Second, complete the same type of list, but now focus on three successes that you're anticipating for the coming semester. Do you feel like you put together a great class schedule with class times that suit you as a person? Do you think you'll do excellent in your history classes? Writing classes? Math classes? Are you excited to join a campus organization or club? Or to volunteer for a group or organization? To play music or act or sing with others whom share the same passions as you, etc? Follow the same model from above, being sure to identify your anticipated successes in each of your first sentences and explain fully how/why you feel the way you do, just as you will for your weaknesses.

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