Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Darius strickland prompt

here we have a pic from the movie their will be blood which is about a business tycoon that works so hard that it results in his son's death. he feels so gulty about it that goes to a strict religous preacher to relieve him of his sins . i choose this pic because it represents the behavior of my culture. my family grew up in a strict church that believe in laying hands like this now thank god i wasnt around when any of this happen but iam shape from the past of it. it represents controlling establishments . the different rules that had to be obeyed or you were going to hell and punished. thankfully i my church has grew out that mentality for we are a welcoming churh and less punishing we are now probaly more understandin and patient . less judging we are a more free place. we welcome new ideas . and steady progress

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