Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Example for Day 11 Prompt: Aaron.

The concrete example from my life experiences that I picked is my great-grandfather, who was in the Klan back in the 1920s. Though I never saw him in robes or even learned of his involvement until I was older, this involvement of one of my family members in such a hate group causes the images of bigotry in America to strike home for me in real and literal ways. Below are my two images that connect to my concrete example.

So, I'm not going to complete the exercise, but if I were going to, I would now write one paragraph about a historical image of the Klan from the time period that my great-grandfather was involved with that movement, the 1920s (top image). I would then type another paragraph about my second image, one that would describe this more contemporary -- from my time, per se -- representation from (larger) macro-American pop-culture (image below). This is a video capture of Ed Norton starring in the film American History X. Perhaps I would describe how this image better represents the racism that I have encountered in my life experiences, and how that subculture has morphed and changed from my great-grandfathers time, which pre-dates Nazism in Germany, into my time, my cultural moment. Get to work.

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