Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 11: Matt Singleton

The concrete example that I chose were two of my dreams, for the abstract of fear. I’ve never really been the type of person who has bad dreams, but recently they’ve been appearing a bit more. They’re never falling dreams or anything like that. Mine are usually of more devastating proportions. The first I had wasn’t horrible, a meteor crashed into the middle of a city, and I woke up in the clouds. It wasn’t heaven, but a different kind of paradise with Christmas presents, which was weird, but not horrible. The second one, which is one of the pictures I’ve posted, the best I could find anyways, had me driving with someone I knew, who I can’t remember, and a man that I didn’t know. We were driving down a relatively quiet express way and the area was very tan, sandy, but without the sand. As we drove, we could see the overpass ahead of us, and all of a sudden this giant orb falls through the sky and lands way ahead of us. The dust and debris rush toward us, and then the dream went white. What made it so terrifying was the fact that I could feel the heat when it hit us. It didn’t burn, but it was extremely warm.
The third dream I had was a little less extreme, but scary none the less. The details on the dream are sketchy, but what I really remember was a large fire tornado surrounded by three flaming pillars. Everything around me was red, and all of the people around were in a huge panic. Then the dream ended. The dreams keep me up when I have them, but now it’s almost like I’m anticipating the next one, because as scary as they are, the ideas they give me for my drawings and writing are superb.

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