Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 11: Lola Ogbara

Both pictures that I have chosen represent money and the pursuit of happiness. The first picture was taken in the 1920’s during the depression. This to me is people trying to find a way out of the depression by any means necessary after the stock market crashed. The people photoed in the picture are standing in line for what appears to be a “fix” for America’s economy. They are desperate for happiness and this is their way of trying to pursuit that after a major financial decrease.


My second picture is of the world known icon, rapper, and entrepreneur, Sean Combs. Also known as P. Diddy. Anyone who knows him knows that he is very wealthy. In this picture, he’s getting out of a helicopter with two other model-looking females.  All three are well dressed for what seems to be an important event. This picture to most may represent money and/or happiness. It’s not everyday that you see an average Joe hopping out of a helicopter with two models. 

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