Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 11 Prompt: Aaron.

Ok, now that you have come up with some concrete examples, I would like for you to find some further concrete examples, albeit in a different medium. In our classroom time you completed some work to ground ABSTRACT cultural values and themes with/into CONCRETE examples and actual experiences -- with/into representations -- from your own life and community along with some from your text.

Now, do the following:

1 - Pick one of the CONCRETE EXAMPLES from your list # 4 -- NOT one or any of your abstractions. You should identify this CONCRETE EXAMPLE in the first sentence of this Blog response.

2 - Post your two images.

3 - Now, the remainder of your reponse will assume the form of two paragraphs. One paragraph will explain and analyze how one image stands as a representation of the conconcrete example that you picked from your list #4, and your second paragraph will do the exact same for your other image.

4 - Get started, because this is healthy amount of work. Don't waste time.

5 - Above is my example. Check it out, quickly.

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