Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Walter Prompt Answer:

Everyone has cultural pride in them selves and in there community. I was born in Chicago and live in California for two years. Growing up there two years made me see how the cultural is complete different from here to over there. The Latino cultural has much more pride and honor for there background history than people on this side of the country. The Latinos in California created unique ways to show there pride for there history threw having low riders. I never saw anything so unique than this. Here in Chicago we have the Mexican parade only once a year. Over there is like seeing the Mexican cultural or any Latino culture expressing there history threw cars fixed in colors Mayan and Aztec art.

I come from a place were gangs fight over turf and drug money. Dressing really baggy and looking like their clothes where given to them by their older brothers.  I have never like this ideal concept of the modern gang. While spending the time in California being in a gang was being a cholo being part of them meant honor and love for your background and your cultural history. I choose the low-rider image to show the honor these people have. The low-rider was invented in the 1920 when the Latinos were able to buy cars, after experiencing the great depression. There cars will get old and so in that process they turn the cars adding their own details and touches. From this invention and way of expression they as well come out with the low-rider bikes turning old bikes into modern cultural seen.  Each image shows how the Latino cultural came up with ways to show their pride for there culture.





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