Wednesday, August 5, 2009

day 11

It can be assumed that everyone would like to be happy. However, the moment an ad crosses your eyes you begin to wonder about it. Stated in the picture, Prozac is the ideal way to cure the symptoms of depression. The inventor for the drug demonstrates their desire to promote their sense in curing depression. In some cases one may say anti-depressants work, for others they do not. In a general term the media exploits our minds as individuals to believing their product works but in a sense of realizing their side effects it is being ignored by the dollar sign behind it. Not only has technology been able to promote toxic images for the human brain but they take pleasure in living off of the audiences’ vulnerability. Besides using medication as a cure for depression there are support groups to speak about a certain problem you want to get off your chest. It would be more natural to express individuality by being creative and finding a support system rather then rely on using money to pay for toxic drugs. In my opinion, I'd rather play soccer
and take out my aggression kicking the ball in different directions then exposing my brain to a drug that I am unaware of how it would react to.

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