Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Taylor day 11

The concrete idea I have chosen is a part of my idenity, that is rock music specifically AC/DC. People who know me always associate me with rock music and ACDC they are my favorite band of a genre that heavily represents my look and the style in which I play my own music.

The first image is a picture from the Black Ice world tour. I chose this picture because it really shows the energy and style that I bring to everyday life that I have adopted through my love of rock music. 

The second picture is from the very funny and famous movie Spinal Tap. I chose this image as well because it symbolizes the part of rock music I do not wish to be a part of. For those who have not seen this movie it is about a band of idiotic drug using rock stars and their path to fame. I am not saying I don't want to be famous because that would be a lie, but I do not ever wish to become a uneducated druggie with only one purpose in life.

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