Wednesday, August 5, 2009

T he concrete example of these two images that I’m using is row model. Barrack Obama Is the person I look up to as a row model he represents to me focused male and a loving oriented man. Barrack Obama graduated from his school top of the line and later on became senator of Illinois. His past has helped him become the man he is today. Encountering the past career he has being a senator you at least have to be 30 years of age and require more than twenty-five years of age with a degree, I imagine that it has you have to had major in some type of law political science classes. Having to pass college on top after being through a lot in his life such as losing his mother, finding his heritage, being a mixed kid in a rural area coming up. but whatever he did to show that he was tact it and overcame it discipline himself to achieve. That s why I say he I dedicated, hardworking and it’s only a little of his ethics he portrayed. Now in order to overcome everything he has been through says that he was pretty focus individual. The second paragraph will go into how he’s a loving oriented male, the way his wife and himself approaches the stage with their children by his side. They coordinate a lot the pound that she gives him, shows that he’s very loving. Obama is someone that I’m able to look up to. that why he Is my row model.

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