Thursday, July 23, 2009

well I my environment I was trying not to become a product of it but I know to much an eney one can see that some thing was wrong with it  but how was I to try to change eney thing but I was told the the best way to change was around u is to change your self first but I seem to have to sides like evey one else but I fight with south sides evey day the picture I pick to day is an artist vows of that I have seen a lot weir from but sadly I don’t think their is no way to change that environment that is one of the resins way I wanna get out of it I  some times hate it an some times I love it so I have a love hate relationship with it if that make sines but the south side of Chicago hepelt me become what i`am to day an i can oley get better so i would love to change my hood but cant change it but I’m getting out of it  so I don’t care 

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