Thursday, July 23, 2009

DArius Strickland answer to jabo

most definitly these last couple of years my neighborhood ha changed dramatically for my alderman signed a section 8 bill allowing hundreds of section 8 people to come in . there has gun shots gallure breaks in and a whole lot of fighting . it all started around 2006 when my mother and i started to notice unfamilar faces walking past everyday . "who are these ruff necks walking pasxt my house" my mother would say . "looking all crazy like they just left a fight or something . now dont get us wrong we welcome fresh faces anytime but they wouldnt speak to us or nothing just walk and stare like we invading their neighborhood . buying a gun and moving has ran across my mind several times . every night i make sure my grandmother is in safe and my windows our locked . also we bought 2 dogs .

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