Thursday, July 23, 2009

day 4 Jabo

I am pretty fortunate to live in a good safe town with good schools and no real gang members’ just kids that act like they are “gangstas”. I wouldn’t say my neighborhood has influenced me much, mostly because people tend to be really stuck up and snotty. I suppose in a way it influenced me to be better to people that they are to me. Living there has showed me that even though you have got out of “bad” neighborhoods doesn’t mean the people in the “good” neighborhoods are going to treat you any better. What I have noticed is that people in the nice suburbs will be nice to you face but if the people in the nice suburbs don’t like you they will say bad things about you behind you back to everyone else they know and before you know it people have prejudged you as a person before you have even met them. Living there has taught me never trust what people say about others until you meet them for yourself then you can form your own opinions about them. Also in those neighborhoods the people tend to be very exclusive and keep certain people out of the loop when it comes to parties because that’s just how snotty some suburb people can be. So in a way its great to have the safety and security of living in a town like that, but also it’s a drag to have to deal with snotty stuck up people who think they are better than you and never give you much of a chance.

Taylor Cole

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