Thursday, July 23, 2009

Answer Day 4 Malcolm

The neighborhood I live in does influence who I was as a person. In my life I was influenced by my mother, father, people in church and school, but we all still had problems, money, jobs, family etc. me and my friends admired the drug dealers growing up. Getting all the money, nice cars, girls they appeared to be happier than us working a dead beat 9 to 5. it was the older we got the more we wanted that money that power all the perks that came with being that person, as kids in the hood with nothing, just getting by you become very materialistic. Who has the new Jordan’s the coolest shirt, seeing people with that at a young age open your eyes to so much. The neighborhood influenced my life because I saw a drug dealer like, man he cool I want to be cool like that he got a white tee I got one, he got huge jeans I get huge, he wearing forces I’m wearing forces. That wasn’t just me it was all of us in the neighborhood, we knew about gangs even tried to join, but we to young it’s a life they tell us to avoid. I just see these cool guys living the life, we can’t join we just gone make our own. Did what they did, jump people rob other kids; we were there grade school twins. Influenced us until we moved, started having pip dreams of something more. Becoming a musician, doctors, and lawyers, some stayed in the hood held on to those dope boy fantasies. My neighborhood influenced a great deal of my life, the reason I made many bad but also some good decisions. My neighborhood was the influence until I found a passion in music.

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