Thursday, July 23, 2009

day 4 answer kwamain

The neighborhood I live in does not influence the type of person I am. My neighborhood if anything is inspired by me. As if a mother who would tell her child something over and over but he doesn’t listens to any of her commands or follow her instructions. She would have to show him how she would want him to live. If someone who was not on the right path to life and there was another person opposite to that person they can’t spend a lifetime trying to convince the person with the lifestyle of living wrong by continually nagging. His lifestyle would reflect him and what he stands for because easily he will start to see the places his life is headed by hard work and dedication, he also will see the achievements he is making my and the things he’s gaining such as car, well earned money, favor with others in high places. Just seeing the things that someone who is close to him coming from the same place he’s coming from this would motivate him. Making him realize if he can do it then why shouldn’t I. Nagging at someone will not get the point across half of the times but by them seeing how far you have gotten form so little and barley nothing gaining your prosperity and achievements will actually speak louder than your words. That’s where I fall in place, by the way I carry myself, the respect I have for others, and defiantly the love I have for myself and Christ I think it would be fair to say I humbly influence my neighborhood.

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