Thursday, July 23, 2009

day 4 response Amanda

The environment that one lives in can shape the identity of the individual. I live in a quiet neighborhood between eighteen street and Throop in Chicago, Illinois. However, things have always been has perfect as expected. I lived in my area for over fifteen years and the crimes inflicted within the neighborhood were severe, many parents would not allow their children outside after seven o’clock. Gunshots would fire at the every angle and you would smell the rubber from the tires as cars race by. Police began to patrol every neighborhood in sight. At that moment, I knew that what happened in the neighborhood would not interfere in the way I live my life. Day by day I see the same people committing devious acts, trying to hustle one another and never knew how to move onto something better for themselves and remain a delinquent. I promised myself that I would never want to be someone who be recognized as a deviant. Despite of all every bad memory or feeling that I experienced in my life, one thing my neighborhood has inspired to be is someone who thrives to be herself and pursue my goals as a successful individual.

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