Monday, July 27, 2009

Answer for lola's question Kevin Scott

Answer for Lola's question
The neighborhood I live in now (Aurora,IL) on the east side suburbs is pretty peaceful to my knowledge, I kinda just moved there it's been quite for the most part. In the morning when I wake up all I hear are birds and dogs. Most of the population is from the city of Chicago so nothing has really changed. The only danger is at night, beware of the wild dogs, deer run everywhere and snakes slither behind you. As far as living in aurora I can't relate to Le Alan and Lloyd as far as the violence and drugs but I will say this since more than half the population is from Chicago the drugs and alcohol and the slang terminology has entered in the suburbs because of the population leaving the city of Chicago, which is where I come from the west side. When I lived there the only thing we struggled with was how much of troubled people around us can we take before something bad happens to us (getting shot or robbed.) People got shot around us, houses were burned down but we had to leave so it would not hinder us from our future.

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