Monday, July 27, 2009

day 5 nelson answer to walter

My sister being my main role model always seemed to capture a new point that I chose to chase.  When I was younger, she was popular and very stylish.  I looked up to her all my life always being worried at how she looked at me.  I guess when I was younger, I tended to push her away a little to discover myself as who I am.  It seemed she was always at least three steps ahead of every path I chose to take.  As time progressed, I finally accepted her as always going to be ahead of me regardless of age, but of wisdom and fashion.  My sister, Delicia, was my main inspiration towards going to college and getting myself a great education. Although it seems that my actions will always be almost half as good as what she did, I feel that if I get even that far the accomplishment has exceeded beyond normal quality.  My sister is someone that I not only look up to, but admire as more of a hero figure on account of she acknowledges my problems and helps me through them.  There are some instances where the depth of her consideration and help has been involved to where I probably would never be able to repay her in anyway.  I am glad my sister has been my inspiration because she will never leave my side nor will she ever do anything to hurt me on purpose.  She is all that in the end I got and I could never ask god or anybody else for better.

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