Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 5 response, amanda

I always felt like an outsider when it came to fitting in with a crowd. Many people would stare at me, giving me a certain look to notify their view of who I was. A specific teacher I had during my senior year in high school allowed me to realize my true potential. I have a passion for writing and photographing and she noticed through my daily assignments in her class. English was one of my favorite subjects because it allowed me to express my identity through the characters in every novel read. One day my teacher pulled me aside during class, she came to me asking if I was okay. I knew that I wasn’t but then she figured it out. She says, “I’m going to give you a special assignment, be as creative as can. Choose a topic that you are most interested in and expand your thoughts based on an experience that most defines what you’re passionate about. In addition to that, for every paragraph you write you take must take snap shots of everything that you feel would interpret your voice.” At first I had no what to write about at first, but then I put my hand to paper and everything came out. My essay was based dialogue of processing a good picture through a camera and the text originated a personal experience of mine that changed my way of thinking and changed me in so many ways. The next day I went to class I had a stack of pictures to show my teacher and was sequenced throughout the passage of my experience. I remember tears ran down her eyes because all along she knew what true potential I had. For the rest of the year I continued to take pictures for every assignment she requested and in addition I developed a great portfolio.

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