Monday, July 27, 2009

I read Our America before and I even seen the film made based on the book. I understand and know how LeAlan and Lloyd’s neighborhood is like. I for one can compare some of the similes in both my “hood” and there “hood”.

            Sure one things different in there neighborhood there is more violence than there is in mine, I wouldn’t imagine how violent it was there. But there is one thing that I can easily compare in both side of the story one in my neighborhood the people will never say anything if something went down and people saw it they will never open there mouth they are afraid to speak for reason that there family might get hurt. The same goes in Our America the people there are afraid of the gangs that’s why these two boys walk around with recorders to show the “people” what is to speak up and not to be afraid in there dark. Yea I can resemble the same things in both side of the story. There’s drug dealing, gangs, and the list goes on with out an end. But the only thing is that there is no one to show my side of the neighborhood. The only people are the media, showing the wrong and not taking time to show reality of the good of the neighborhood. Sure there’s bad but that’s everywhere. I am just tired of people and the media covering up the good side of the neighborhood. 

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