Monday, July 27, 2009

Response #5 Malcolm

The person that originally inspired me to get into music was my friends and family. I still don’t think I’m good but outsiders of my life say I am. That inspires me to work harder and do better work. My biggest inspirations are my 7 year old cousin Linzy and my friend 4 year old daughter Iona both who I love and care about more than anything. Linzy and I are really close not because were cousins but also we were born on the same day and month, people get us confused as father and daughter often. We act just alike, and on many occasions have just been sat in a room to compare how we both acted at a certain age. Iona is my favorite little kid of all time; she is the only child to a single parent teen mother. She graduated kindergarten and she was allowed to invite one friend, she called my cell phone and asked me if I wanted to come. On one particular occasion I remember before I was driving it was about five or six of a going to the studio. We stopped at my friend Ashley’s to pick her up, I was the only one Iona liked or even talked to and she sat on my knee while we all waited on the porch. As we left she cried for me and her mother which was awesome. She was the first outsider of the group I let hear and critic my work. Both my cousin Linzy and Iona inspire me, to do the best I can do, and as long as it’s my best it s the best.

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