Monday, July 27, 2009

Who influenced me

For a long time I was sent on majoring in wildlife biology, but my first college expierence with the required math classes mad it very promentant that this was not for me. In September of 2008 I found out ACDC was coming to town and i woke up at 3AM for a week straight to try to call in to 97.9 to win tickets because I could not afford ACDC and school. Friday was my last chance to get ACDC tickets from Johnathan Brandmeier and that day he was giving away front row tickets to ACDC. The night before I decided I am NOT going to miss this concert so my girlfriend and I stayed up untill 1AM making a poster. I then took a 2am train to Chicago and made my way to Merchandise mart home of 97.9. I stood out side the station and held up a sign that said in red letters “HEY JOHNNY WE NEED ACDC TICKETS.” The poster was designed very well because my girlfriend is a studio art major. Sure enough this sign cought his attenion. He then brought me inside and interviewed my live on air. By the end of all of this we ended up with the tickets and during a commercial break he said hey whats your major? and I told him i was undecided. He then told me I should consider going into radio because I did very well. Then he had two schools send me information he had the Illinois center for broadcasting send me information along with Columbia College. Now i am attending Columbia College as a radio major, all thanks to Johnantan Brandmeier.

Taylor Cole

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  1. Damm dude i am amazed lol i mean you told me about how you did this and dam i wish i was in your mean you thought of something that no one was ever thinking about doing of. think about it how many people were calling the station just to get the tickets and you got the idea of showing up at the station and showing your sign. lets say it was ment to be and it was.