Monday, July 27, 2009

Response #4: Lola Ogbara

My inspiration for going to college and becoming the best person I can be came from my mother. When I was younger, we struggled to make ends meet and because of that she would always tell me how much talent I had and what I can do with it. She would make sure I had all the art supplies I needed such as art easels, pens, pencils, paints, paint brushes, paper, illustration boards, sketch pads, markers, etc. She bought all of these things to better my chance of perfecting my skills in art. My mother used to always tell me in order to become someone successful in life, I would need to get an education and go to college, something she did not get a chance to finish when she was younger. I felt like I can accomplish anything knowing that my mother would be supporting me through all my years of schooling. As of now, we both attending college and are in progress of getting a degree.  She has gone back to college to obtain a degree in criminal justice and I am just starting my journey to obtain a degree in graphic design. We are supporting each other through our journeys. 

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