Monday, July 27, 2009

honestly anytime i see a really good performance i just say to myself what does it take to become that how do i get there what does it take to achieve the status . but some of my earlier works that made want to work was john leguizamo the pest . m it was around 2000 and i happen to be sick that day i thought i was going to lose my fucking mind i laugh so hard from the singing to dancing and impressions and goofing ( jim carrey makes me does this) i thought i was amazing i laugh so hard that my grandmother herd me . also south park made laugh like this to because you don't see things likes this everyday i just knew it was a special moment in my life . i guess that's another thing me and my character chuck palaniuk have in common . we get full of life . and spit it out . i see that in my nephew . .
but any who going back to my discussion also any really intense scenes that show African Americans in a intense intelligent argument . such as Do the right thing or lean on me man i got fired up for that stuff . just black people being black and not something else . just totally themselves . he image us so well all the details .
God that motovaited me to study film . === the oscars give awrds for best decoration

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